Meet our Chefs

Ralph Acquaro, Executive Chef for CJ’s Catering & Mel’s Lone Star Lanes

Ralph is our Executive Chef for CJ’s Catering & Mel’s Lone Star Lanes, he has been with the company for over 10 years. Ralph has thirty years of culinary experience working with a few of the most popular restaurant chains in the New York, Orange County CA., and the greater Austin area. His passion for cooking started at the age of seven rolling meatballs in his Aunt Marie’s kitchen! That same passion continues today, as he plans and prepares meals as if he was still cooking for his own family. Once you meet him, you’ll be part of the family too! Contact Ralph today if you have any food questions

Sasha Tackett, CJ’s Catering & Marketing Manager at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes

Sasha Tackett is the CJ’s Cateirng & Marketing Manger at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes. She has been with the company for eight years.  Sasha will be with you from the first call to completion of your event, small or large.  Passionate about details, Sasha serves each guest with her undivided attention because she knows your event is special. Reach Sasha today to plan any events with CJ’s Catering

Tracy Waters, Food & Beverage Director for CJ’s Catering & Mel’s Lone Star Lanes

Working as a teenager for independent caterers and summer jobs at restaurants to pay for college led to a career as a catering and restaurant manager. Five years in Italian, seven years in BBQ, with Cajun and bistro fare along the way, she has catered events from private dinner parties to banquets of 500. Starting CJ’s catering out of Mel’s is her pride and joy.

Catering Captains

With each BIG catering you will get a Catering Captain that will take care of the set up to break down of the catering contract on your day of the event. They will have staff under them that they will help direct to make sure your catering goes off successfully during the event.